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Tara Thompson Massage Therapist

Tara Zinn

Tara Zinn is the Owner and Founder of Downtown Omaha Massage.  Her passion for massage and wellness extends beyond her massage practice.  Tara is also a Reiki Master and Coach that focuses on creating a clearer understanding of self by working on communication, goal setting and accountability, digging deep and taking action as well as creating a mindful and present lifestyle.  Tara travels the world with Sparitual as an Ambassador and is currently working in Southern California to further her knowledge and growth as an educator, coach and bodyworker.  She is also a devoted mother to a spunky 3 year old daughter!

Tara works closely with the team to help them share their gifts of healing and wealth of knowledge with the community.  It is her passion to help these wildly talented massage therapists find their truth and highest life purpose in order to provide their BEST work!  Downtown Omaha Massage believes strongly that educating the client on the importance of mind and body connection helps bring balance to the clients life!

Julia Beutler Massage Therapist

Julia Beutler

Julia Beutler graduated from the Omaha School of Massage Therapy and has been a licensed massage therapist with Downtown Omaha Massage since 2009. She began her healing arts journey because of an initial fascination with the human body and that passion grew into a deeper curiosity and understanding of the incredible connection of mind, body and spirit. Over the last decade, she has thoroughly enjoyed furthering her education from her mentors and a variety of continuing education courses. One of her favorite modalities to learn and expand has been Thai Yoga Massage. Julia has also taken two in depth herbal medicine programs and loves to incorporate the healing power of herbs into customized massage treatments. Her most recent adventure has been a deep dive into Yoga. She graduated from the 200 hour teacher certification program at Yoga Now in 2017 and has also been a mentor through this program. She has a passion for learning and looks forward to sharing the invaluable knowledge she gains with her community.

Catherine (Cat) Davis Massage Therapist

Catherine (Cat) Davis

Catherine (Cat) Davis is a graduate of Omaha School of Massage Therapy and an AMTA member. She graduated in 2009 after leaving the western medicine field. She felt that western healthcare practices weren’t addressing a persons whole health.  Cat’s goal is for her services to help clients achieve a more complete whole health outlook. Cat enjoys helping clients achieve their body’s fullest potential by Intuitively using deep tissue massage mixed with energy work during sessions. She is passionate about helping relieve symptoms related to chronic headaches as she has experienced them as well. She understands the pain and what is needed to help relieve upper body tension. Cat has a joy of learning new techniques and is passionate about introducing her clients to them when she thinks it would be beneficial.

Cat is also enthusiastic about giving fertility massage. As an energy worker she feels like a conduit for helping couples pull the little soul from the universe into their hearts and lives. Using a blend of multiple modalities she has learned over the years and taking Claire Marie Miller’s seminar on fertility massage has helped hone those skills. She also works in conjunction with a nutritional therapist and acupuncturists to help both males and females bring the body into balance energetically as well as balancing hormones so that the body is in prime condition for a successful pregnancy. If interested she suggests that you first do a few sessions of lymph drainage massage prior to the fertility massage. For females that have tracked ovulation cycles it is suggested you receive a fertility massage after your monthly cycle and prior to or during your ovulation cycle. After the ovulation cycle it is also a good idea to simply have energy work done as well.  Fertility massage can be performed while pursuing an assisted or unassisted pregnancy.

Cat is also a mother to her son, Arthur and enjoys gardening, vacations (haha), cooking, and enjoying time with friends.

Zahra Allen - Massage Therapist

Zahra Allen

Zahra is a graduate of the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is a Nebraska state licensed massage therapist. She first began her journey pursuing a nursing degree. After deciding nursing wasn’t her chosen career path, she ventured into the field of bodywork. With the gift of compassion and a dedicated drive to help others, massage therapy was a perfect fit. She utilizes a combination of listening to her clients’ needs and using her intuitive touch to create a truly therapeutic experience. She is skilled in full-body Swedish techniques, deep-tissue, hot stone, and prenatal massage. Zahra is continuously implementing new ways to improve her techniques, advance her skill set, and expand her knowledge of massage modalities. She is consistently being mentored, ensuring congruous growth in her massage practice.

Having an interest in the medical field, Zahra has a natural passion for health and wellness. She understands the importance of total body wellness and embodies the process of bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit. She believes educating her clients, helps to set and maintain their wellness goals. Zahra possesses a genuine fascination of the endless benefits of massage, and her gentle, warm spirit brings a sense of comfort to all.

Loy Branson Massage Therapist

Loy Branson

Loy attended the Omaha School of Massage of Herzing University.  She is certified and licensed to massage in Nebraska, and is a part of the American Massage Therapy Association. She has taken courses in Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Myofascial/Craniosacral Release, and is excited to to learn many more modalities in the years to come.
Loy has been interested in Therapeutic Massage for years, and has a deep appreciation for holistic, natural, and healthy living.  She hopes to guide others to achieve balance from within through the process of teaching, evolving, and healing with therapeutic touch.
Kara Heckeroth Massage Therapist

Kara Heckeroth

Kara Heckeroth is a 2010 graduate of Omaha’s Universal College of Healing Arts (UCHA) and a Reiki Master.  She has had the privilege to work with the athletes at the Olympic Swim Trials the last 2 times they were in Omaha.

After listening to her client’s concerns and goals, Kara uses here training and intuition to determine what treatment her clients need during their session together.  Kara creates a customized massage combining Swedish therapeutic massage with elements from sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, reflexology, aromatherapy, and Reiki.

It is Kara’s mission as a massage therapist to provide a supportive, nurturing and healing experience.  A session with Kara will leave the client with a feeling of renewal and peace.  Kara believes that we all need more kindness in our lives and the best place to begin is with ourselves.

Michelle Gress Massage Therapist

Michelle Gress

Downtown Omaha Massage is excited to present Michelle Gress, LMT. Experience her gentle, powerful healing techniques for yourself through Reiki, Comfort Touch Therapy or a relaxation Swedish massage.

Michelle is a graduate of the Universal College of Healing Arts, Reiki Master & avid Karma Yoga practitioner.Her heart-centered way of being & strong presence create a warm, receptive & safe space for deep relaxation & transformation.

Charla Jacobs Massage Therapist

Charla Jacobs

Charla Jacob graduated from Universal College of Healing Arts with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy in 2015. With a background in Aquatics, Charla has always been enthusiastic about health and wellness and is passionate about natural and holistic healing methods. Charla tailors her sessions to the individual health goals of her clients, with an emphasis on supporting the body’s natural healing methods.

Certified in Cancer Massage and Comfort Touch, Charla specializes in pain relief, oncology, and therapeutic deep tissue massage. Intuitive in nature, she brings calm relaxing energy that leaves you feeling wonderful!
Kahleigh Lowman Massage Therapist

Kahleigh Lowman

Kahleigh graduated with honors from the Omaha school of massage and Healthcare in 2017.
Kahleigh has always been interested in mental and physical healthcare. Massage therapy is a really special way to connect with people, and to help their minds and bodies to heal. With her intuitive and empathetic character, understanding of the muscular system, and her ability to tune in and adapt to each individual client, she is able to give a unique massage experience.

In her sessions, Kahleigh combines the knowledge she has attained in the training of various massage modalities with her own personal style to accommodate each client’s needs and expectations. These modalities include Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga, Reiki (energy healing), Stretching, and Hydrotherapy. You can book a massage with her for Swedish,  Deep Tissue,  or Pregnancy massages.
Sophie Lord Massage Therapist

Sophie Lord

Sophie Lord graduated from the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016. She first began her therapeutic journey by attending school for art therapy at UNO. While spending some time in Hawaii, Sophie fell in love with massage and decided to change course. She has always had an innate passion for helping others and after experiencing firsthand all the countless benefits from massage, she knew it was a perfect fit. Sophie utilizes a variety of modalities in her massage that will be most beneficial for her client such as passive stretching, prenatal massage, reflexology, Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and aromatherapy. She is skilled in providing therapeutic, deep tissue massages while also making her clients feel relaxed and refreshed. Massage does wonders for both mind and body and Sophie believes the best part of her job is getting to be a part of someone else’s journey to health and wellness.

Sophie has a dedication to continuously expand and enhance her skills in bodywork and is always looking for new, innovate ways to help her clients on their healing journey. Her overall passion for helping others has continued to flourish and she is now working towards becoming a mental health therapist. Wellness comes from the integration of the mind, body, and spirit and Sophie looks forward to helping others achieve their balance.